How to germinate marijuana seeds

The Grow Lighting system is one of the necessary quality which needs to be understood well, so that your grow process doesn’t go wrong at any point of stage. Growing outdoor is not in your hands which at times can lead to unfavorable results too.

There are various different marijuana grow lights available. To understand the appropriate lighting and the best lamp to use, the specific needs of the plant must be considered, as well as the room size and ventilation. Cannabis plants require both dark and light photo periods, so the lights need a timer to switch them on and off after set time gap.

Below is the lighting scale for your convenience to help you decide the best grow light for your production process.

For optimal results, for vegetative growth choose fluorescent light bulbs that are labelled either as "Cool White" or "Cool lights. But indoor growing is totally in t hands of growers so its lighting feature should be understood well.

While growing indoors, the cultivator should try to maintain a close to ideal atmosphere inside the grow room as possible.


The seedling stage starts when the seed coat splits open and shows out the root and round “seed leaves” or cotyledons. It lasts from 1 to 4 weeks.15/30/30 (15% red, 30% blue, 30% white). Once seedling has leaves and has been above ground a week, 30/60/60.


Duration of this stage is 1–2 months indoors. In this stage the plant needs a specific amount of light and nutrients, depending on the genetics of the particular plant. It continues to grow vertically and produce new leaves. 30/60/60, 45/80/80 or 60/100/100 (depending on plant type).


Many plants spend 10–14 days in this period after changing the light cycle to 12 hours of darkness. Plant development increases, with the plant doubling or more in size. 100/100/100.

Late Flowering

The flowering phase last from about 6 to 22 weeks for pure INIDICA with their shorter flowering time than pure SATIVA. Mixed INDICA/ASATIVA strains have an intermediate flowering time.100/70/100./

Methods to germinate marijuana seeds

  • Germinate with Cotton Pads or Paper Towels
  • Germinate seeds in soil
  • germinate seeds in water
  • Germination Environment
  • Watering seeds
  • Lighting and temperature
  • Where to germinate seeds
  • Planting your seeds

Grow light will save your money.  If you plan to sprout many plants together, they help you for raising the cannabis up to the vegetative stage. These lights are low heat lights, which don't burn the plants. You can also use a small grow tent, which can help you in a warm climate.

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