Recently, a University of Queensland- led study has found that regular marijuana use has disastrous effects on a person's health. These effects are irrespective of the age of the person.

The research examined people from high school or mid 20’s who regularly consume weed and compared both with non-users.

The Lead author Dr. Gary Chan from Queensland National center for youth substance use research, concluded that people with regular cannabis consumption get negative life outcomes by age 35

Through the whole study, Dr. chan discussed some facts -

"As compared to non-users, regular cannabis consumption are more likely to indulge in high-risk alcohol consumption, smoke tobacco, or other illegal drugs and are away from relationships at age 35."

"These outcomes are common in people who started regular cannabis consumption in teenage."

"Regular cannabis users are more likely to suffer from chronic depression and less likely to have paid job."

"Overall, regular cannabis consumption can bring much harmful consequence irrespective of what age you are using cannabis."

This research started in 1992, diagnosed 1792 Australian students aged 15, and investigated their patterns of cannabis use across 20 years.

The study investigates people's life outcomes at age 35, including alcohol use, tobacco smoking, illicit drug consumption, relationship status, financial hardships, depression, and job status.

Dr. Chan said that 2/3rd of the people started cannabis use in early 20s. Additionally, he said, "The most harmful consequences of cannabis to occur in people who began its use later on."

He stated "Those who began regular weed consumption in teenage, accounted for the maximum proportion of illegal drug use and tobacco use in the population, and much high proportion of high-risk drinking."

The motive of this whole study is to make people aware of the risk of regular cannabis use.

"In fact, public authorities and policy makers need to deliver a clear and loud message to the public that regular cannabis use is harmful, doesnt matter at what age you are starting cannabis use," he said.

This research is particularly important for countries like Canada and some US states, as these jurisdictions have already legalized recreational cannabis.

The study was conducted in collaboration with Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the University of Melbourne.

This in-depth research is published in the Drug and Alcohol Review journal.

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