Top 10 Best 4x8 Grow Tent Setup Reviews 2020

Are you planning for a big cannabis production by growing it yourself indoors? If you are confused where to start the process and you lack space, you should consider the best 4×8 grow tents available in the market of best brands like Apollo, cool grows, vivo son, octane etc. 

It's not too big and not too small offering you just the exact size to get you on the right path of growing the best plants. These tents make your entire journey of growing cannabis indoors super easy. 

As a passionate cannabis grower you would want nothing but a blooming cannabis garden. But unfortunately your work or personal matters keep hindering your work of grow process. It’s not really easy to keep a stationary garden at home, just because you will not have the time to keep continuous check on it.

You can have a cannabis garden in an indoor grow tent. With the 4x8 grow tent kit you can easily grow cannabis indoors. It's super easy to install and easy to use. The 4x8 grow tent kits contain items such as grow lights, fans, and temperature control to cope up with the environment you need similar to a natural home environment.

Plus, it is easy to carry, being a portable tent, so you can pack it up and take it all over the places you go. A 4x8 grow tent may be the best option for you.

It lets you grow domestically or abroad. We have discussed the best 4X8 grow tent reviews and tips on how to find the best grow tent along with their pros and cons for your consideration.

Review Summary

Octane 4x8 GTK1680D

Rated by: Julian H

This octane 4x8 grow tent comes with the best oxford cloth and 22-25mm steel locking pole, which makes the grow tent long lasting. This is not an ordinary indoor 4 by 8 grow tent we have designed this 4x8 grow tent kit using the best material to give you a complete kit.

We proudly announce it as the strongest 4x8 grow tents for plants in the market.The accessories that this tent include is fans, carbon filter, exhaust equipment, HPS, LED, inline fan CO2, SCROG setup and thermometer. It weighs around 300lbs.

A tent designed using the latest technology. We suggest this tent to be the best tent for professionals and growers, who want to carry out growing process with modern techniques. This tent has a military grade pure nylon hanger hooks that zip up your easy glide zipper.

The best light proof grow tent made of micro pre filter intake mesh and easy temperature control. Many growers have come together to replace their cheap grow tents. It can prove to be the best start up to professional growers.

 And this company has reached out to people to fulfill their needs. This is a grow tent basically to carry out all growing styles, as we have checked this grow tent with hydroponic, soil, coco and NFT systems.

The lighting system functions amazingly well in this grow tent which is good for mother plants. It is a grow tent that keep all aspects of your grow process on the right speed and path. It has the most long lasting accessories from Clip to clips, connectors to connections, large steel poles, micro mesh, liner, dual closing ventilation ports, and fabric to the deep dish floor pan with bungee Velcro. This can also be used for drying.


  • 10’ exhaust duct
  • 3-8’ pass through ducts
  • 2-4’ electrical ducts
  • 4 top hanger poles
  • 2 Velcro hanging straps

Things we like

  • Portable
  • Made with the most strongest material
  • Designed with modern technique

Review Summary


Rated by: Julian H

In the field of indoor cannabis cultivation you may be aware of this brand. Vivo sun has a name in the industry. It offers good quality items having reasonable cost. This 4x8 tent by vivo sun stops all the light coming in from outside making it extremely efficient.

The 95%  covering  of this grow tent from inside is coated with a Mylar coating, which ensures that it reflects more light producing better yields.The canvas material of this 4x8 grow tent is made out of a thick 600D material.

It is tear proof and double stitched to ensure no light moves out. The edge is bolstered by solid metal bars and corners. This 4 by 8 grow tent has been designed in such a way that takes no extra efforts for its assembly. The tent’s quick and easy installation without bringing in use any sort of instruments makes this grow tent unique.

The zippers on the doorways are strongest and are long lasting. Observational window of this tent lets you have a look inside and look at the cannabis plant growing. VIVOSUN provides a two year worry free guarantee on this 4 X 8 grow tent. You can call to the customer service in case you face any issues with the product.


  • Tent frame
  • Metal poles and connectors
  • Filter straps
  • Floor tray
  • Hanging bar
  • Light proof SBS zippers
  • Weight is 46 pounds
  • Covered under a 2 years warranty

Thing​​​s we like

  • Reliable material.
  • Highly reflective
  • Tear-proof canvas
  • Easy observation window.
  • Economical price
  •  Easily cleanable.
  • 2 Years limited warranty

Review Summary

iPower Hydroponic

Rated by: Julian H

I Power 4x8 Grow Tent provides 64 square feet of room for cannabis plants to survive. It is coated with 99% intelligent Mylar coating inside which reflects up-to 97% of your LED light back to your weed crops. It expands the progress of your plants, and you don’t even have to worry about the electric bill.

The material of which canvas is made of is strong, made of hard steel shafts which can deal with a weight of upto110 lbs. The shafts in this grow tent helps the tent edge with strong and stable support.

The zippers of this 4x8 grow tent are made out of strongest material which you can easily slide. The canvas material is thick with 600D, making this 4x8 grow tent highly durable. If you worry about its cleaning then this grow tent also comes along with a 100% removable Mylar floor plate and 2 channel lashes.

This entire I power item accompanies an easy to understand instruction manual. The company on the other also provides you with a 1-year guarantee, in which you can enjoy free replacement or fixes if required.

The easy window view is sealed with transparent plastic and removable cover, which lets you have an easy view of your plants without stepping inside this 4x8 grow tent. It’s accompanies a convenient tool bag for most accessory tools. This 4x8 grow tent keeps your plants well under required conditions.

The removable water-resistant Mylar floor tray with security straps helps in to secure spill tray to frame. I power 4x8 grow tent removes heat from your plant with double layer ventilation ducting holes and ventilation windows with removable cover.


  • Open close window
  • Easy organization tool bag
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Mylar coating
  • Removable water resistant tray
  • Covered under a under warranty

Things we like

  • Economical price tag.
  • Tear-proof reflective material used
  • Highly durable.
  • Reflects 97% light
  • Covered under one year warranty

Review Summary

96x48x80 Mylar Hydroponic

Rated by: Julian H

This 4x8 grow tent is another best option for the professionals. It is designed in such a way that it blocks all light from escaping out. On the inside it is coated with a Mylar lining, which makes the whole tent more efficient and it boost the lighting setup of any power configuration.

It increases the intensity of your grow lights and holds the heat to prepare your grow room at the right temperature for your plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables to survive.

The I power 4x8 grow tent is a high quality hydroponic indoor growing tent with heavy-duty zippers and double stitched for light protection ensure durability and longevity. It is designed with the most environmentally friendly PVC free material.

The 600D thick canvas material of this 4x8 grow tent is covered in metal frame ensures security and stability. It Keep your plants well, prevent odors to spread out and stops pest from getting in.

Its assembly includes an easy set up. This hydroponics growing light kit system can be set up in your indoor garden in an apartment, greenhouse, or any of your preferred space. Tents easy to access door can be unzipped nicely, and the observation window allows you for a comfortable peek inside.


  • Durable metal frame poles keep your tent secure
  • Tent’s thick fabric and quality double stitching prevent light leakage
  • The heavy-duty metal zippers safeguard your plants.
  • Tent is lined with highly light-proof and tear-proof reflective Mylar coating.
  • Easy views of window let you watch the daily growth in your plants.
  • Removable Floor Tray allows for Easy cleaning
  • It comes with tool-free Connector & Dual Ventilation Socks

Things we like

  • Sturdy frame
  • Thick canvas material used
  • Mylar coating inside makes the tent reflective
  • Easy assembly
  • High quality and PVC free
  • Light proof
  • Easy window view
  • Covered under a one year warranty

Review Summary

iPower Hydroponic Water-Resistant

Rated by: Julian H

The Apollo Horticulture is next generation Grow tent which is an excellent and convenient place to cultivate your plantation.  Apollo Horticulture 4x8 Grow Tent offers you durability as these tents are equipped with strong metal poles that will support your Grow Tent’s frame and lock your structure safely in place.

 Apollo’s 4x8 grow tent fabric is designed from thick thread and double-stitched fabric with maximum thickness which works as a protection to prevent from any outside harmful bacteria.

This 4x8 grow tent is made of a heavy-duty metal zipper to shield your growing space. The zipper opens an accessible path through window view to conveniently access your plantation.

 Apollo grow tent is lined with light-proof and 100 percent reflective tear-proof Mylar coating to create a sustainable environment for your plants. It also offers easy zero tool installation along with a 90 day warranty on our Grow Tent.

The zippers of this 4x8 grow tent are made out of strongest material which you can easily slide. The canvas material is thick with 600D, making this 4x8 grow tent highly durable. If you worry about its cleaning then this grow tent also comes along with a 100% removable Mylar floor plate and 2 channel lashes.

Apollo Horticulture 4 by 8 grow tents are recommended for professional or can be used in a green house environment with accurate ventilation. Making use of Apollo products in any other environment such as apartments, community housing, or small enclosed spaces is not recommended because it has a risk of fire hazard.


  • Hydroponics indoor growing tent comes with heavy-duty zippers
  • Have double stitching for light protection ensuring durability
  • The metal poles ensures security and stability
  • The thick canvas prevents odors from leaking out
  • Includes a removable Mylar floor tray, and a 100% light-proof, tear-proof
  • Has a reflective Mylar lining that protects your indoor growing light fixtures and equipment.
  • Easy assembly
  • 90-day warranty.
  • Your Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing is covered under an exceptional customer service.

Things we like

  • Cheaper compared to other types of hydroponic indoor grow tents.
  • Multiple areas of access to plants.
  • Sturdy and excellently good to try that may stand the test of time.
  • Easy to assemble.

Review Summary

G​​​​​A Grow Tent

Rated by: Julian H

GA is one of the popular brands in the grow tent industry. The company produces high-quality grow tent making use of a latest technology, best quality material and latest equipments.

Manufacturers of this company committed to the production and sale of various planting equipments. The GA 4x8 grow tent uses high density 600D Oxford cloth, and it has a 98% highly reflective silver PET Mylar coating. 

 This makes the grow tent highly efficient. Tents heavy duty explosion-proof zipper and double stitching protect the tent from light leakages. The doors of this 4x8 grow tent can be opened smoothly, and the observation window makes it easy for you have a look at the inner plant growth.

 The 600D tear proof and double stitched canvas is perfectly blocks light. The metal poles of this 4x8 grow tent ensure security and stability.This 4x8 grow tent requires no tool for its installation. It also includes an instruction manual for easy installation tips. GA grow tent is also covered under a good 2 years warranty.


  • Allows you to easily monitor the daily growth of your plants
  • Easy storage for your tools and grow accessories
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Zippers don't get stuck
  • Covered under warranty
  • PET Mylar coating from inside
  • 600D tear proof and light proof cloth
  • Metal frame

Things we like

  • Easy window view
  • Storage tool box and grow accessories
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth zippers

Review Summary

Topo Lite indoor Grow Tent

Rated by: Julian H

TOPOLITE features a full range multiple sized grow tents and you can easily choose the one you need, to enjoy your grow process. This 4x8 grow tent has plastic connectors which make the tent more stable than metal connectors.

The metal bars and reinforced plastic corner connectors ensure durability. The dual-cinching duct ports keep light packed inside and allows air flow inside for plants to grow similarly like a natural environment. This sturdy tent frame has the quick-and-easy tent assembly.

It’s designed with the strongest easy to slide zippers with Light-Proof Backing. Tents diamond pattern finish and fixture on the interior provides maximum reflective surface area and prevents hotspots. The entire assembly can be moved easily without any notable frame distortion.

Cover of the grow tent fits well at all points. Ventilation opening cords are sturdy and have a barrel style handles for easy closure of each of the three ports. The lighting suspension bars are offset to form a cross member, at the top of the structure helps in for hanging lighting.

Its entire package comprises of 1 x 96% reflective Growing Tent Cover, 1 x Removable Water-proof Floor Tray, 1 set frame of rods and connectors, 2 x Nylon Belts can be used for Filter Straps,1 x Assembly Instruction. And it also has multiple vents to accommodate fans and filter.

Its entire package comprises of 1 x 96% reflective Growing Tent Cover, 1 x Removable Water-proof Floor Tray, 1 set frame of rods and connectors, 2 x Nylon Belts can be used for Filter Straps,1 x Assembly Instruction. And it also has multiple vents to accommodate fans and filter.

This grow tent is good for you to grow exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables or seasonal fruits out of season. TOPOLITE promise you to provide the highest-quality hydroponics equipment and services.


  • On the inside 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar coating.
  • Strong heavy duty Zippers & Double Stitching for protection against light leaks.
  • Heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth
  • Frame is of a diameter 16MM white paint coated metal rods
  • Connector Material is 16MM (diameter) sturdy plastic connectors
  • Has rectangle vents with mesh for better ventilation
  • Multiple vents for fan and filter output
  • Quick tool-free installation

Things we like

  • Portable
  • Easy assembly
  • Best 4x8 grow tent
  • Needs no tools in its assembly
  • Sturdy frame body

Review Summary


Rated by: Julian H

This grow tent setup is another good option for growing cannabis indoors. Interior is made of metal frame and corner connectors with looking push tabs.

 It also has a diamond Mylar coating inside which makes the grow tent highly reflective. Exterior is made of 1680D canvas material. This tent has heavy duty zippers, which makes the tent tear-proof, light-proof, water proof and Non toxic etc.

The removable Floor tray straps to keep your tray in place and can be quickly removed for cleaning. Tents reflective material seemed to be very bright and reflects the light well.

Its nicely sealed floor tray provided adds a second layer of protection that appears to be water tight. We assure you that your plants will bloom wonderfully under this grow tent.

Everything is of a high quality, including the zippers. There is no light leaks, and has a mesh viewing window which allow you to have peeps to monitor the inside growth of plants without stepping inside.

Tent has double stitching which keeps the tent tight in all ways. This tent is worth given a try, it is specially designed for professionals.


  • 100% highly reflective water poof, diamond Mylar
  • 1680D canvas which is tear proof
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Convenient storage for your tools and grow accessories
  • Adjustable vents for fan and filter out put, for better ventilation
  • Easy-view window help you to have a better watch on daily plant growth
  • Quick and easy tool- free installation

Things we like

  • Sturdy body
  • Window views
  • Tool free installation
  • Strong zippers
  • Tool bag

Review Summary


Rated by: Julian H

If you want to grow a plant of cannabis weed then this 4X8 grow tent would be a good choice, it features all the qualities that you need to grow your cannabis plants.

This grow tent is very easy to use and can be assembled without making any use of tool. It comes with a instruction booklet to help you with its assembly process.

OPULENT systems Grow uses the professional techniques and top quality material to make the grow tents and provides the best services to growers. The main reason behind its high Selling is its good quality.

The structure of this grow tent is designed using a Metal frame to keep the tent strong enough.  It’s double stitched and protects the tent making it tear proof.

Tents open-window design of this grow tent let you to easily monitor the plants daily. It enables easy clean up with the removable and water-resistant Mylar spill tray. Tent comprises of an anti-burst zipper to prevent the light from escaping out.

The canvas of this 4x8 grow tent is designed using a high quality and high density 600D oxford cloth material which is strong enough as well as very long lasting.

This 4X8 grow tent is made of reflective to give sufficient light and a good natural environment to the plants, the inner lining of this grow tent is 95% reflective of silver color PET Mylar coating. It helps the light to reflect properly without any wastage.


  •  Provides the best user experiences for growers.
  •  Durable Quality
  • Metal frame structure to keep the tent stronger enough
  • Double stitching technology
  • Open-window design to allow you to easily monitor the plants daily.
  • Heavy-Duty Zippers
  • No lights leak with heavy duty SBS zippers.
  • Easy clean up with the removable and water-resistant Mylar spill tray.
  • Fast installation
  • No tools needed
  • Carbon filter belts
  • Assembly instruction booklet
  • 18 months warranty

Things we like

  • High performance growth
  • Friendly customer experience and covered under warranty
  • Sturdy structure and superior quality
  • Easy setup

Review Summary

Hongruilite ​Hydroponic

Rated by: Julian H

This grow tent has the most stable construction. Its outer canvas material is designed using a 600D oxford cloth and on the inside it’s coated with a highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar coating inside.

Tents zippers are strong ensures smooth sliding up and down and easy to set up. HONGRUILITE has multiple vents to accommodate with various fans and filter.

It can prove to be a really great grow tent for you to grow exclusive fruits, herbs, vegetables or seasonal fruits out of season.

The manufacturers promise quality in this hydroponics equipment. As per the customers who have been using this grow tent have rated this tent as very good. The vents are large enough to allow the air to be recycled properly.

It is a super reflective tent from inside. And those who are using are making amazing cultivation from this product.

The entire package of this grow tent contains 1x 96% reflective Growing Tent Cover, 1 set frame of rods and connectors, 1x Removable Water-proof Floor Tray, Nylon Belts can be used for Filter Straps.


  • Heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth
  • 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar
  • Large heavy duty Zippers
  • Double Stitching for protection against light leaks.
  • Frame diameter is16MM white paint coated metal rods
  • Connector Material is16MM (diameter) sturdy plastic connectors
  • Rectangle vents with mesh for better ventilation
  • 4x8 grow tent
  • Multiple vents for fan and filter output
  • Quick tool-free installation

Things we like

  • Highly reflective
  • Large vents
  • Thick canvas material
  • Strong zippers

Extra Bonus Tips for Newbies

types of weed

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Buying guide for 4x8 grow tent

This buying guide will basically help you to understand better, what is 4 by 8 growing all about? Before you start to shortlist the best 4x8 grow tents, you need to consider a couple of factors. The factors include


Body structure

The construction of the tent determines how sturdy, durable and effective it is. Consider purchasing a marijuana grow tent that is sturdy effective and durable. Make sure your 4x8 grow tent you get is tear proof, lightproof, and should have a strong frame. Grow tents ensuring the best plant growth should be considered for purchasing.


Cost effective grow tent

The second most important factor you should consider while purchasing a 4x8 grow tent is the price of the grow tent. There are various growing tents available in the market and their prices vary widely. You have to get the best grow tents out of the money you have. So, it would be better to explore various tents that you count within your budget, and settle for the one that has the most premium features. There is no need to compromise on the quality of the grow tent as it can affect your plants growth.


Measurement of the grow tent

There are various sizes of grow tents available in the market. Therefore, size of the tent is a key factor to consider. Different types of crop need different size of the grow tent. For those who wish to grow plants long should purchase a grow tent with an excellent high base. If you go for a grow tent with low base height, the cultivation will be spoiled. And crops that do not grow tall should require a small base height grow tent. Larger the cultivation of plants larger the grow tent and vice versa.


The place of setup

We suggest you to setup your 4x8 grow tent at a place which does not require a shift. It can be a place where you can get water and electricity easily. Another important thing to be considered is make sure, the setup area for your 4x8 grow tent should be free from theft and robbery or any kind of animal destruction.


Reflectivity of the grow tent

The Mylar lining on the inner side of your 4x8 grow tent makes the grow tent highly reflective increasing its efficiency. Therefore, go for a grow tent that has a good Mylar coating inside.


Density of the canvas

Normally a good grow tent has a fabric density of 600D which is considered to be very thick and strong. It keeps the insects and bug out of the tent. A thick quality canvas of the grow tent is known for keeping the precious light inside and make it more effective. Plants need rest, so dense tents prevent the plants from outside light to reach during the time of rest.


The  quality of the zippers

A grow tent with damaged zippers will make a way for light to escape in and out, which in return makes your grow tent less efficient providing a way to bacteria to enter inside.


Ports and ventilation

A grow tent with proper ventilation holes with ways to close them is the best one. As plants need fresh air and to keep the temperature maintained, so having air vent in a 4x8 grow tent is of utmost importance.


The quality of the bars

The structure of the grow tent should be a metal body and strong which can last long. This is a very important aspect of choosing a good tent.

We hope the above mentioned buying guide for purchasing a 4 by 8 grow tent helps you in a better way to decide for the best grow tent.

Benefits of using a grow tent


Energy Efficient

Grow tents are the best and first preference to utilize is because they are energy efficient. Grow tents are designed maintaining its power performance which allows you to increase your gardening effort without costing you much.


Odor proof

The second most important reason behind using a 4X8 grow tent for growing cannabis is its integrated system. It has an air purification device which reduces the odors and stop from spreading out. Marijuana plants are known to have a strong odor. It might get risky for you that ways, which your neighbors may dislike it. Therefore, grow tents reduce the odors by blocking the smell inside of the tent and then filter the air through their filtration system.


A Fresh ventilated air system

A grow tent brings fresh air to the plants containing CO2, which is needed by plants for a strong and healthy growth. 4x8 grow tents allow you to use a carbon-filter air purification devices. The integrated system takes air from outside the tent that brings the CO2 to the marijuana plants, and further the carbon filter eliminates the odor from the air and spreads the scent-free air outside of the tent.


Helps in pest reduction

Flies and spider mites are some kind of harmful bacteria’s present in the air to spoil your weed plantation. Therefore, 4x8 grow tents make your plants safe from bugs with their closed body structure. As there is a possibility of such bacteria's harming your garden. You can either reduce or eliminate this problem, if proper precautions are taken when working on your marijuana plants.


Best Usage of Light

Almost all the grow tents are coated with a reflective Mylar coating from inside that ensures 100% of your light is being used. When you turn on your grow light, it reflects light back on the wall surfaces to the plants due to the Mylar coating, providing better light for your plants to grow. Therefore, the plus point of using a grow tent is its light efficiency.

Drawbacks of using a grow tent

  • Grow tents with a poor canvas quality are not recommended at all. If your plants do not need complete darkness then its fine if it has light leakages. But, if they do require darkness go for a thick quality canvas as it can hamper your plantation
  • Some 4”8 grow tents do not support ventilation fans. Therefore, we do not suggest you to go for grow tents which do not have ventilation fans.  All the plants need proper ventilation to survive.
  • 4”8 Grow tents with a plastic frame are less durable and strong.
  • Most zippers are not perfectly made in some grow tents. Consider grow tents that support leak proof and strong zippers.
  • Warranted grow tents are more safe than the grow tents which are not covered under a warranty.

Therefore, considering the above mentioned points while purchasing your 4X8 grow tent for weed plantation can help you in choosing the best deal hassle free.


4X8 grow tents are close tents to carry out indoor cannabis plantation. The 4x8 grow tent also gives you a complete control over the environmental factors, like temperature, humidity and light. Grow tents of 4x8 measurement are a perfect choice for professional’s to start the grow process. You can also grow cannabis using this cannabis growing kit inside your house keeping full privacy. This 4x8 cannabis growing kit prevents your plantation from others to see it or prevent the smell to spread out everywhere. In this case it recommended that you should make use of a 4x8 grow tent.

These enclosed grow tents come in different sizes and 4x8 grow tent is one of those. Grow tents let you control the environmental factors by fixing required fixtures inside the grow tent. Such as lighting, helps the plant to grow even at night naturally or exhaust fans maintain the temperature inside the grow tents. This discussion above on the best 4x8 grow tents will let you choose your best grow tent as we have mentioned the best 4x8 grow tent reviews for each.

All the companies mentioned above provide you with the best long lasting tents. So if you are still confused, then consider this article on best rated grow tent and choose your favorite best. We hope you find this article helpful. Wish you happy shopping!

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