Top 10 T5 Grow Lights for Highest Marijuana Output

Are you a marijuana and cannabis garden owner? Do you love your garden? And you want make a healthy yield of cannabis and marijuana production indoors providing it with the appropriate artificial grow light fixture.

Main nutrients needed for growing weed are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassiumHence the entire process of growing marijuana and cannabis can take place under artificial lighting system using t5 grow lights.

Long time ago, growers were only dependent on natural way of growing weed. But as the technology advances, it provides you with so many other best ways to carry out the grow process, which are much more convenient and simple.

Using T5 grow lights are the best way to grow marijuana and cannabis or other variety of plant from vegetable seeds to any delicate breed of flowers.

T5 grow lights are tube shaped bright lights having a diameter of 5/8 inch. Why these lights are known as t5 lights because they are tube shaped and t stands for tube.

T5 grow lights are effective and as bright as sun,these lights saves you’re spending on electricity bills and are economical. You can get any size of light depending upon your type, Purpose and size of garden. T5 lights can be a little tough to use for some who are unaware of its features fully.

Growing weed indoors by yourself can make you face various problems. Primary step that you need to keep in mind is about its setup concerning where the lights should be hanged, which direction should it be hanged, at what height should it be hanged. .

Before you start using t5 grow lights for your garden make sure you nicely study its basic characteristics like, which color of light to use, its temperature, which direction should it be hanged and light cycles are some of its usage qualities that need to be kept well in mind which helps you to grow your crops well.

T5 grow lights are considered the best for growing cannabis and marijuana because its high spectrum bulbs produce a blue color florescent light similar to the sun during long summer days.

Best Led Grow Lights

Must check if you want to grow marijuana easily

No other light with similar features of t5 grow light can really serve your purpose of growing marijuana and cannabis. T5 grow light is considered much more effective than T8, T12 or any other fluorescent lights available.

These T5 lights can be used under different conditions and temperatures. It’s an artificial light produced by T5 grow lights for plants to recreate artificial light spectrum. T-5 lights are considered best for greenhouse and personal indoor garden.

Before you head out to buy a desired T5 light for your garden just go through  your requirements in mind and decide for the best t5 grow light which help you the best way in your grow process.

Growing your own cannabis is a fun and inexpensive way to add high-quality buds in your production. Marijuana is a hardy plant that can grow in a wide range of climates, in greenhouses or indoors whole year long. Choosing the best T5 grow light for marijuana production is not always easier.

Here in this article, we have discussed about the Best T5 grow lights available in the market. These lights work best for cannabis or marijuana production.

I strongly suggest you to stick with the T5 grow light version of fluorescent lights for cannabis because they give off the most amount of light for the size, and are specifically designed to support taller plants up to 24 inches.

Our first best t5 grow light

Our first choice is Jump Start 4' T5 Grow Light System (Stand, Fixture & Tube) by Hydro farm with best configuration and limited flaws. This fixture is economical serving the best way possible in your grow process.

T5 Grow Light System (Stand, Fixture & Tube) by Hydro farm

Review Summary

Jump Start 4 T5 Grow Light

Jump S​tart 4'

Rated by: Julian H

It comes as no surprise that growing their own marijuana using indoor hydroponics techniques instead of traditional soil-based methods has become very common.

In the absence of sunlight grow lights play a critical role in the grow process. All that we need to have our own weed production is a good hydroponic system and a proper light set up.

Jump start 4 t5 grow light is the best T5 grow light for any stage of growing. Hydro farm t5 jumpstart 4 not only makes your grow easy. But it gives success in your grow crop by crop as your start the process. This light is particularly helpful in growing indoor plants and flowers.

This jumpstart t5 grow light comes in pieces which you need to assemble before you start using. Its long lasting setup can help you grow yield for long. This light by hydro farm has been designed in the easiest possible way. You can use or remove if you done growing your crops.

While using jumpstart T5 grow light, make sure you keep a thorough check at every stage of the growth period. Adjust its height as per your requirement to keep your grow healthy. Jumpstart T5 light emits some amount of heat through light, so it’s mandatory to keep the plants well adjusted to light and heat in all ways. If the light is placed too close to the crop excess of heat can affect the crop in a bad way.

Jumpstart 4 T5 light is a light that functions well and power the growth in your plants. So far as what we have reviewed is people who have been using this light have not faced much problem, the only downside of this light is its plant room size. This T5 grow light is less ideal for large grow or plant rooms which are very narrow. This is the perfect choice for those who have the right size of plant room for its usage. Thus we include this into best t5 grow lights list.

If you are a keen indoor Marijuana grower then, you should definitely try your hands on this advanced t5 grow light full spectrum grow lights.

Using this version of t5 grow light in a unfavorable environment can prove to be less effective as then u need to consider various other factors hampering the grow which can make the whole process complicated and time taking.


  • Perfect for seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants
  • Helps in faster growth and better yield
  • Easy to use light
  • Height adjusting clamp
  • Designed in reflective finish provides required light to the plant.
  • CE certified
  • Easy to assemble part
  • Has a internal width of 48"
  • Functions well with FLT, FLV and FLP tubes.
  • Dimension of the product is 50*18.2*31.8 inches
  • Size is 4 foot
  • Manufactured by hydro-farm
  • Product weight is 6.39 pounds
  • Product is covered under a warranty.

Things we​​​​ like

  • Ideal for any stage of growth
  • Comes with easy to assemble parts
  • Low power consumption
  • Perfect for indoor grow
  • Saves time and money
  • High Reflection
  • Highly efficient
  • Full t5 daylight spectrum
  • Speed up the growth

T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System, 2 Foot, 2 Tube by Hydro farm

Review Summary

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT22

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT22

Rated by: Julian H

This t5 grow light by hydro farm is the next best available option for you to choose. This light is manufactured by hydro-farm. Hydro-farm provides the newest lighting system which ensures speedy grow process.

These t5 grow lights are flexible and come in various configurations to meet your need and demand depending upon the size of the garden.

It’s assembled using premium grade aluminium which has high efficiency and gives better output. This light by hydro-farm comes in easy installation steps which can be done in three ways- vertical, horizontal or overhead to help your grow get maximum light from all sides.

This T5 light provide full day light. It’s rated for about 20,000 hours of life and its usage is compatible with all hydro-farm t5 fixtures. This t5 grow light is not much costly in comparison to other t5 lights having similar features.

Now coming to its downside the only demerit we could review for your convenience is that this light is not good for flowering plants. This is best to use among various t5 grow lights, consumes less electricity, emits required amount of heat and serves your purpose giving you’re crop a good health.

For those who work and keep a worry as how to keep a check on their yield while at home the best thing about it is that its certified by ETL and doesn’t have a complicated and high power functioning circuit which cause you any harm when they fail.

This version of T5 light ranges from 6400k spectrum bulbs,excellent for verging. Heat emission is so minimal that it barely affects the plants even if they get touched on light.

This is the best and easily available T5 grow light. Nominal priced by hydro-farms covered under a warranty.


  • Size-This light is designed having dimensions of 3"H*7.25"W*23"L
  • Comes from 2 foot 2 bulbs-4 foot 12 bulbs ranging from (48-648 watts depending upon the number of bulbs used)
  • It has various switches which can help you control the lumen output by turning the lights off when less light is needed.
  • It can be hanged vertically, horizontally and overhead.
  • Weight of this product is 7 lbs
  • Comes with 8 inch grounded cord
  • Made of two 6400k t5 tubes, up to 4000 lumens
  • Its powder coated
  • Has a steel housing
  • High performance
  • Fitted with specula aluminium inside for better distribution of light
  • Product is covered under discretion,repair and replace warranty

Things we like

  • Very nominal price
  • Comes with easy to assemble parts
  • T5 light radiates less heat without giving any harm to delicate plants
  • Has the best reflective quality because of its high performance faceted specula aluminium inside.
  • Has a light adjusting switch
  • Comes with a 8ft long cord
  • Covered under 5 years manufacturer warranty
  • High quality tube shaped light

T5 Fluorescent Grow Light

Review Summary

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24

Hydro farm Agro rite FLT24

Rated by: Julian H

This is third best option in the market available between other t5 grow lights used for growing weed seeds and other vegetative plants. FLT24 hydro-farm grow light has a unique hanger for hanging light in any direction you wish to.

 It includes four 6400 k high output bulbs of total 96 watts producing a natural grow light. Its coverage area is about 2x3 approximately. The best T5 grow light for those who have just start growing and want to get good yield.

Affordable and easy to use light to have a successful grow process. Product is ETL certified and provides 5 years manufacturer warranty and 1 years warranty on workmanship. The initial lumen of FLT24 t5 grow light is 8000.

Features that distinguish FLT22 from FLT 24 are its lumens output rate, its internal structure, number of bulbs and its weight. This FLT24 grow light is only slightly different from FLT22 FLT24 is little pricier then FLT22. FLT24 has a 3-prong outlet which is featured at one of the light corners.

The hydro-farm FTL24 T5 grow light is 2 foot and has 4 tube lights. This light doubles the light emission from a normal t5 grow lights.

All in one light that you need for growing your plants. It comes in tight packing with cardboard sections and can be stored flat without taking much space in shelves.

FLT24" comes with easy assembly which you can fit in just a wink of an eye. Those who are already the owner of this light can just stop praising it as it is serving their grow purpose well. FLT 24 weighs 11.6 pounds. The best t5 grow light. Perfect for potted plants in ideal growing positions.


  • Comes with easy parts and can be fit easily
  • 8" inch long power cord
  • FLT24 is 2 foot 4 tube light of 6400 k spectrum
  • This light doubles the light emission from any other bright light
  • Low power consumption
  • Hanged three ways overhead, horizontal, vertical
  • Produces up to 8000 lumens
  • Its body dimension is 3"*13.5"*23"
  • It has powder coating and steel housing inside
  • FLT24 has high performance spectacular aluminium faceted
  • reflects light in all the required direction
  • product weight is 11.6 pounds
  • Has a flat tight packing which can allow you to keep the product easily without taking much space.
  • Compatible with all hydro farm T5 fixtures

Things we like

  • The biggest merit is (4 tube light means double light emission and better yield)
  • Performs great and have a very high lumen output
  • Its ETL certified and provides 5 years manufacturer warranty
  • Hanged three ways overhead ,vertical, horizontal
  • Allow you to provide light to your grow in any direction
  • Doesn’t take much of your shelf space
  • Its economical and low maintenance
  • Individual off control on every bulb
  • Emits very little heat

DL844s Ho Fluorescent Hydroponic Fixture Bloom VEG Daisy Chain with Bulb by DUROLUX

Review Summary

T5 Grow Light 4ft 4lamps DL844s Ho Fluorescent Hydroponic Fixture Bloom

T5Grow Light (4ft  4lamps)

Rated by: Julian H

DL844s T5 grow light is another best light to choose from the available options present in the market. This T5 grow light is very bright and is a quality product. Hydroponic fixture bloom comes with easy to fit parts and very bright too. Its height is 1200mm and width is 400mm.

This t5 grow light is best for indoor garden of weed production like cannabis & marijuana. It’s Beneficial for greenhouses too. The uniqueness of this light is that, you can connect them with daisy chaining. It’s a 4ft 4bulb bright grow light. The downside of this light is that it’s not compatible with GFI outlets and work with set timers.

For better yield under this T5 grow light you make sure to fix the lamp at least 3-4 inches above the plants. The florescent light of this lamp does not emit much heat causing any damage to the plants.

This lamp weighs 10.65 pounds and is manufactured by DUROLUX direct. This light produce 20000 lumen output designed with German hammer tone reflector. 

It’s a professional grow lighting system which gives 30% more light than any other similar lighting system. It is also known as 4ft 4-light T5 chain light. This version of T5 light has adjustable switches one for 2 each also included mountain chain and hook.

The best thing about this t5 grow light is it weighs 30% less than any other available brand. Ballast in this light is a part of the fixture. This is the best T5 led grow light.


  • Dimension of the product is 46*4*12 inches
  • Weight is 10.65 pounds
  • Manufactured by DUROLUX
  • Light output is 20000 lumen
  • Designed with German hammer tone reflector
  • 4ft 6500k 4 lights
  • 8ft power chord
  • Has a power of up to 5 fixtures of one wall output.
  • 2 adjustable switches controlling on and off (one for inner two bulbs and one for outer two bulbs)
  • Pre wired set up, chain for hanging and 8ft long cord.

Things we like

  • Best light at a economical price range
  • Bright enough to give plants a sun feel
  • The best structured light

54W Growing Lamp System, 6400K (Stand, Fixture and HO Fluorescent Tube)

Review Summary

VIVOSUN 4ft T5 Grow Light with Stand Rack

VIVOSUN 4ft T5 Grow Light

Rated by: Julian H

Vivo-sun grow light is another best option to go for when it comes to growing marijuana and cannabis plantation. Made in stainless steel material and is highly recommended.

 It’s a high output T5 tubes helps you the best way to do the best cultivation of weed. Vivo-sun grow light comes with a high quality rack.

VIVOSUN t5 grow light is the best selection for weed and as well as seedlings, cuttings, veggies, flowers, marijuana herbs etc. It’s compatible to any grow light bulb of your choice and fix in this fixture.

For max yield the best height for placing the light is 3-4ft above the plants. So give this light a try and make your look like a advanced garden. Vivo-sun T5 light radiates all colors of light UV and infrared light which are necessary for plants to have a grow process.

This t5 grow light by vivosun has proved to provide the high quality experience to the users. It is considered the best indoor gardening tool. This vivo-sun t5 grow light is designed with an adjustable rack system which you can raise or lower it according to your need.

This light is perfect for seedlings as it uses 54 watt bulbs giving up to 4000 lumen output. It nurtures seeds and repair cramped spaces with it low heat light. This vivo-sun T5 light is budget friendly and efficient which does not allow you to provide any extra ventilation or air conditioning to your plants.

This package of vivo-sun grow light comes with one stand, one fixture, one power cord and one USB cord. This product is covered under 1 year manufacturer guarantee. This t5 grow light is foldable and portable.


  • Stand length is 49.61inches stand height is 39.37inch
  • F54T5 tube 54 watt tube having a light spectrum of 6400k
  • Produces 4000 lumen output
  • Perfect for green house, hydroponic system and indoor gardening
  • Premium quality product UL-listed
  • Easy operation and easy assembly
  • Wide reflector
  • Light components are one stand, one fixture, one T5 tube, one power cord, one USB cord.
  • Stainless steel frame with T5 high output light
  • Fully adjustable and rust proof
  • Has a auto lock feature and ensures safety
  • Foldable and portable
  • Tube length is 4ft

Things we like

  • Budget friendly
  • Weigh light as compared to other competitive product
  • It’s a complete package with full built in ventilation

T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System, 2 Foot, 8 Tube by Hydro-farm

Review Summary

Hydro farm AGROBRITE FLT28 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light

Hydro farm AGROBRITE FLT28

Rated by: Julian H

Best suited t5 grow light for marijuana and cannabis garden owners. This fixture can also be used for growing other herbs and plants.

This version of t5 grow light is designed by hydro-farm. The only difference between FLT28, FLT22, FLT24, is the available number of light fixtures. It's cheaper and come with super easy installation. Best light for its price and has higher number of tube lights. FLT28 is ETL listed.

Spend on this T5 grow light with confidence and have a happy growing crop by crop. FLT28 is 3"H*22.75W*26L in dimensions gives up to 16000 lumen output. This grow light is perfect selection for those who are new to the grow process.

This t5 grow light is mainly similarly to other hydro farm grow light like FLT 24 and FLT24 but this version has 6400k spectrum t5 bulbs which increases the effectiveness and reflectivity of the lamp.

FLT28 t5 grow light is powder coated and has high performance faceted specula aluminium which provides a perfect distribution of light in all angels.


  • Product dimensions are 3"H*22.75”W*26"L
  • Designed with 8 6400k spectrum light
  • Produces up to 16000 lumen output
  • Powder coated
  • Steel housing
  • SPECULA aluminium provides better reflection
  • Can be hanged vertically, horizontally and overhead
  • Weight of the product is 8.3lbs
  • Height is 2feet
  • 8-10 inch long power cord
  • Covered under 5 years warranty

Things we like

  • Best t5 light for the price and very economical
  • Produces up to 16000 lumen output
  • 8 6400k spectrum light
  • Well designed with 8 T5 bulb

2 ft. 4-Bulb 96-Watt High Output Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture by Hydro Crunch

Review Summary

Hydro Crunch 2 ft 4-Bulb 96-Watt T5 Grow Light

Hydro Crunch T5 Grow Light

Rated by: Julian H

This t5 grow light is 2*4 bright lights. It is 95%covered with reflective aluminium interior to increase the reflectivity and range of the light for better growth of the plants. Same like few t5 lights this version has a quality of being hanged in two different ways vertically or horizontally.

Its bulbs have a light intensity up to 6400k and include slotted housing for optimal cooling. Functions on 120volt. This light promotes your grow perfectly giving out high output. This is a light specially designed for marijuana plant circulation.

Cannabis and marijuana growers will love this fixture for their growing process.

Hydro crunch T5 grow light fixture light gives 8000 lumen output. Blue light coming out of this light helps in keeping the plants happy throughout the process, its perfect for propagating seedlings, clones. 

Each bulb specifically produces a lumen output of 2000, 24 watt per bulb. This t5 grow light includes free repair of rope hangers.

Coming to its usage you will have no problem using this t5 grow light as it comes with full manual guide explaining the whole process of fixing it and its usage, covered under a manufacturer warranty.


  • Product suits best for cannabis and marijuana grow
  • Keeps the plants healthy throughout the grow process
  • Gives out high yield
  • Warranty for 1 year
  • Included 4 bulbs each of 6400k spectrum light
  • 95% covered with reflective aluminium for better reflection of light
  • Has 8ft long power cord
  • Product dimensions are 23.25in*13in*2.4in
  • Has a single switch for controlling the lights on and off
  • Does not support GFCI outlets
  • Weighs 11lbs

Things we like

  • This light is bright enough to keep the production under suns feel
  • Range wise perfect
  • This T5 grow light is covered under a warranty
  • Has a daisy chain able feature

Reflector Series 600W High Intensity Led Grow Light

Review Summary

Durolux T5 HO Steel Grow Light

Durolux T5 HO Steel Grow Light

Rated by: Julian H

This version of t5 grow light is brand new perfect for cannabis and marijuana garden owners. It is 4ft and 8lamps bright light. If you are a keen cannabis and marijuana grower don’t miss the chance of owning this wonder grow light and make your production highest and the best.

DUROLUX T5 grow light can also be used for indoor garden greenhouses etc as well. It’s easy to use designed with 8 lights having a spectrum of 6500kelvin blue white bulbs each. Has daisy chaining light feature UL, CUL approved and ballast of this grow light is already installed in the fixture.

Its weighs 30% lighter than any other product having similar features. This T5 light enables EZ installation. Each bulb has separate control switch with set timers. This fixture is UL listed. Not for use under GFI AND GFCI wall outlets.


  • Rated for giving output of 40000 lumen
  • It's a professionally designed lighting system
  • Has a 15 inch long power cord
  • Best operated in wet/damp climates
  • Made in Italy & certified to prevent injury if tubes become loose while functioning
  • Covered under a 5 years warranty
  • Two control switches for four bulbs each allows step dimming
  • Each bulb has a light spectrum of 6500k
  • Has hanging hooks and chain
  • 460 watt

Things we like

  • High reflectivity
  • Easy heating and cooling
  • Effective
  • Easy installation & Boast longevity

Reflector Series 600W High Intensity Led Grow Light

Review Summary

Hydroplanet T5 2ft 4 lamp

Rated by: Julian H

Hydro-planet HP t5 grow light is perfect choice for those who are indoor marijuana gardeners. Hydroponic growers can also make this version of light as their first preferred t5 grow light for their growing process.

T5 grow lights are bright color light, and having possessed this quality this light is considered best for growing cannabis and marijuana.

Marijuana plants grow perfectly in this t5 grow light, by only using little of its energy. This grow light is based on European aluminium reflecting the light in all directions. The hanging feature of this grow light helps you to hang the light vertically and horizontally. The v hanging cable of this fixture also helps you to hang the light overhead.

This fixture provides daisy chainable feature to increase the light intensity and reflectivity in all required directions giving you a perfect harvest. This t5 grow light is designed in such a way that it directs all its light towards the plants throughout without any harm.

The frame of this fixture is powder coated and steel made which prevents the product from getting rusted. It has 15 feet long power cable and t5 bulbs of 6500k light spectrum. This t5 grow light provides a bright light spectrum like sun which promotes growth of the plant. Its bright light helps the best in the cannabis and marijuana production.

This version of t5 grow light is covered under two year warranty. Has 2 control switches controlling two bulbs each.


  • Has 6500k grow bulbs
  • Provides 95% reflectivity
  • Easy to use and built in ballast
  • Powder coated housing
  • Covered under 2year warranty
  • 15in long power cord
  • Doesn’t work with GFCI outlets
  • Functions on 110v-120v

Things we like

  • Easy installation
  • Long power cable
  • Economical
  • Very bright light 8bulbs each 6500k
  • Can be hanged horizontal, vertical, and overhead
  • Great effectiveness
  • Daisy chain feature
  • Quality reflector

SunLite174 Indoor Light Garden 2 T5 Bulb

Review Summary

Compact Kitchen Tabletop

Rated by: Julian H

This compact t5 grow light is another best choice for cannabis and marijuana garden owners. This light is bright and cheap and serves the same purpose like other lights for growing marijuana and cannabis.

Compact kitchen t5 grow light best suits your budget and perfect for small plantations of marijuana. Makes you’re growing easy and simple and make you have fun growing your marijuana and cannabis seeds. Use a screen and effectively create a flat, table-top shape to take the best advantage of T5 grow lights.

These T5 grow lights gives light which is equivalent to sunlight giving your plant similar light which they require from sun in their growth process. It can also help in growing other herbs and plant. You can also test it under growing orchid.

This table top t5 grow light is hard built in aluminium frame. This fixture is 2’long and produces a full day long light spectrum which plants require. It works perfectly all year long. It comes with good finishing.

This complete garden t5 grow light has aluminium frame, one adjustable height fixture, two t5 bulbs and water light plant tray.


  • Has rugged aluminium frame
  • Powder coated
  • Dimensions of the product are 25-1/2”L*14”W*21”H
  • These are T5 bulbs
  • Extremely efficient
  • Has fluorescent light
  • Has electronic ballast
  • Easy replacement of bulbs in case of  any defect

Things we like

  • Best suited for marijuana and cannabis garden owners
  • Also perfect for starting seedling and other herbs
  • Super efficient two T5 bulbs
  • Light weight
  • Easy to move
  • Doesn’t take much of your house space

Benefits and drawbacks of growing marijuana indoor

  • Quality wise indoor grown marijuana is much better than the quality grown outside.
  • Its fully under control of the growers hand Growers can control and optimise the basic needs of growing weed like light, air, humidity, water, soil, temperature etc.
  • In indoor growing u can control well over the light exposure.
  • In direct and too much sun exposure outside your plantation is likely to get infected with bacteria, whereas indoors no such problem arises


  • Experts suggest that sunlight gives effective yield than growing it indoors
  • Natural ventilation.
  • Its only limited to small production of weed
  • Height of the plant, you need to keep a track that plants don’t get too long as space inside is small.
  • You need to be careful about basic needs of growing marijuana indoor that is air, light, humidity, nutrients etc.

T5 Grow Lights Buying guide

Choosing the right the type of T5 grow light for the grow process is not an easy task. Highlighting you the main points which you need to keep in mind before you finally head to select the best t5 grow light for your grow process.

Marijuana and cannabis production mainly depends upon light, water, air, medium and nutrients. Listed below are some other key points which will help you decide the best T5 grow light.


As you decide to buy a t5 grow light fixture for your grow process, the first thing which your need to pay attention on is the size of your grow light. There are various sizes available in these t5 grow lights so in order to decide the best suited light for your garden know the size of your garden as well. These T5 grow lights come in two different lengths and six different types of bulbs. The most commonly known T5 light between the available options are 2-4ft long and up to 1-12 bulb fixtures. If your size of grow is small you can go for a 1-2 bulb fixture which comes in 2-4ft long and if your size of grow is big then you can go for 8-12 bulb fixture which is as well 4ft long consuming less electricity.


The most important point to be considered while deciding your final T5 light is the bulbs, their efficiency and the number of bulbs provided. These T5 grow lights come in different color and temperatures. The temperature ranges between NO (Normal output) HO (High output) VHO (Very high output). Mostly it’s recommended to go for middle range of temperature. Ho bulbs are best for the production in all ways being it efficiency, brightness, and last long.

It’s suggested that to start your grow process you can use 650k bulbs when production is at growth during summer days (bright enough). When the production starts to get flower, make use 3000k bulbs which means light is warmer with a red tint in it. Best suited for blooming cannabis and marijuana plants.

Set up of T5 grow lights

After you have finished choosing the right fixture and bulb the next thing you need to consider is the set up of your lights. Although these t5 lights are known for emitting less heat, still it’s needed that you be careful about the height at which the fixture is placed so that it does not provide any harm to the production. The best suited height for placing is your fixture we suggest is 6-8 inch above the plant if plants are in the growth stage. Some plants require less bright light.

Case type of the fixture

You can buy a circular type of reflector design, if you have to hang your lights at height. This will only make the light do full focus on plants without any wastage. Another design of reflector that is available in the market is rectangular style; these are the perfect choice when you want to hang the lights directly above the plants.

Control on bulbs

This is very important to see if the bulbs can be controlled separately or not. Independent control on bulbs can help you alter the light that is falling on plants.

 Basically these lights provide a control switch for controlling the brightness of the lights. But in case if you don’t need much light, independent control of bulbs helps you to switch of the extra light not required during the process.

Light cycles

Light cycles of any t5 fixture light means for how long a particular light should be used and for how long your plants should remain without light. This particularly means the light cycle of a T5 light basically marks day and night for the plants.

Outdoor plants are set naturally as to how long they will remain in dark and for how long they remain in light. The same light cycle is recommended to be practiced for your indoor plants. There are different light cycles for different plants depending upon which type of production are you willing to make under artificial T5 grow light system.

 Before you start your grow process we suggest you to do a good research on the variety of plant that u going to grow and study well the light cycles. Higher light brings fast growth and bigger output.

Brightness of the light

These T5 lights are basically fluorescent light providing light with the artificial light spectrum to grow indoors giving them a sunny feel. Marijuana and cannabis grow best under Bright T5 grow light. Production comes out to be good in light with the highest brightness but lesser heat as too much heat can make the plants suffer in a bad way.


Another key point that is to be noted while purchasing your desired light is its manufacturer. Manufacturers who have had a good experience and reputation in marijuana growing community should be preferred fist. This can assure you that you are buying a product type which is already tested and in use by others.


Its suggested the you should always go for the best product available in the market, but it’s not always true that only pricy products comes with the best configuration. Before you shell out just go through the lights pros and cons and decide for the best.

Other considerations

Apart from the above mentioned considerations, that needs to be checked before deciding your best T5 grow lights. There are various other factors to be kept in mind like, for small grow rooms you need to see how much water your plants require and under what temperature should they be kept.

 The more heat plants are faced to the more thirsty they feel. Instead it’s recommended that    provide proper ventilation for your plants. The soil humidity of the plants should be monitored well. Easy an simple indoor growing is possible with the T5 grow lights.


We hope that this article help you to decide the best of the T5 grow light for your growing process.   Production of growing marijuana and cannabis has become very normal, but growing it indoor means your plant isn’t getting sufficient heat, light and air for its growth.

Choosing the right technique and right T5 grow light makes your yield good as it’s been grown out in the natural environment. We assure you that making one of the above mentioned grow light a part of your grow process can make you a happy Grower. These lights are convenient easy to use grow lights available in the market at a very economical price.

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