Viparspectra Review

Planning to purchase grow lights for your indoor marijuana setup? This detailed Viparspectra review will help you make an informed decision and select the best possible product. As hydroponic systems, aeroponic systems, and other forms of indoor farming becomes more and more prevalent, the grow light industry, too, is expanding exponentially. In the past, people only knew about three or four brands, but there are now several companies that grow light buyers can now select from.

LED Grow Lights 

The most commonly used grow lights in the past included - Fluorescent or CFL grow lamps, Induction grow lights, High-Pressure Sodium grow lights (HPS), Metal-Halide grow lights (MH), Plasma grow lights, High-Intensity Discharge grow lights (HID) and LED grow lights. LED grow lights are the most popular product in the grow light industry. When users found that the advertisements which spoke of incredible yields with reduced energy costs were true, they flocked to buy these lamps. In this Viparspectra review, we will be analyzing one of the most popular LED grow light sellers in the market – Viparspectra.

Viparspectra Review – What is their Brand Value?

New grow light companies like Viparspectra have aptly taken advantage of the changes in how product management and marketing are conducted in this industry. The company started off by focusing on amateur weed farmers, but they have expanded their market share since. Now one of the most popular names in the market, this Chinese brand now focuses on delivering their LED grow lights directly to buyers instead of going through the hassle of involving distributors or middlemen.

Viparspectra is owned by Shenzhen Bailuo Technology Corporation Limited. Although they are headquartered in Guangdong, China, their service centers are spread all across the world. Their innovative distribution strategy makes their products considerably less expensive than other similar models in the market. They are able to avoid markups that middlemen and retailers typically charge. Hence, you will get to purchase Viparspectra LED grow lights for much cheaper rates and get the same level of quality that other brands propose. After conducting a thorough Viparspectra Review, it is clear that their brand focus is to sell well-designed fixtures at reasonable prices and build a loyal customer base across the world.

The Different Types of Viparspectra LED Grow Lights

Viparspectra has teamed up with Bridgelux and Epiled, two of the most highly rated LED grow light chip manufacturers. These high-quality chips help Viparspectra offer various spectrum ranges – from infrared – 730nm to a maximum of 7500K. If you are worried that your grow lights are not fully facilitating the entire lifecycle of your cannabis plants, get a set of Viparspectra LED Grow Lights now and never have to face the trouble of always having to switch lights (a problem that is common in metal halide and High-Intensity Discharge grow lights). In this Viparspectra Review, you will get to know everything about this brand and its best-selling products.

Vegetative and Bloom Switches

More notably, all grow lights from Viparspectra offer Vegetative and Bloom switches. These settings allow you to manipulate spectral ranges in order to make sure that the light’s intensity is suited to facilitate each growth period of your lights.

Dimmable and Reflector 

Viparspectra categorizes their products into two series – Dimmable grow lights and Reflector grow lights.

Viparspectra LED Grow Lights – Reflector Series

The Reflector series is a range of grow light arrangements sold by Viparspectra that provide in-built reflectors to help deviate all exerted light energy directly to your plant canopy as opposed to scattering it across your indoor gardening system. By buying a product from this series, you get a set of in-built reflectors in the package.

This model perfect for amateur farmers who are just beginning their journey of indoor farming as these grow lights efficiently facilitate the full penetration of light energy into the plant canopy. Since your plants gain access to a full spectrum of light, you are more likely to get better yields. Plus, you won’t have to manage these lights manually.

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