Maybe you are a new cannabis or marijuana grower. If not, then perhaps you are here to improve your farming growth levels.

Many people who are into cannabis indoor farming make use of LED grow lights. But many of them don't install grow lights at all.

The reasons why they don't make use of LED grow light in their indoor farms vary from person to person. But the root cause we concluded is having very little or no knowledge about what LED grow lights are and how they can benefit your growth?

Don't worry, buddy, here all of your questions will come to an end. We can assure you that after reading this complete article, you will be able to choose best LED grow lights.

Based on my detailed research and analysis, We are going to discuss here:-

You are serious about maximizing your marijuana growth. Because that's the reason you have visited this blog.

So, let's explore all the basic and advanced things about led grow lights.

What are LED grow lights?

LED(Light-emitting diode) grow lights are the best alternative to sunlight. Grow lights convert electron energy into usable plant light, which is quite similar to sunshine.

These grow light helps in the process of photosynthesis. It is resulting in the ideal plant growth.

Energy-efficient LED grow lights are the future of agriculture. They produce better cannabis yield in comparison to other traditional grow light options.

How do LED grow lights work?

LEDs are electronic components made up of two different kinds of semiconductors(chips). One is having a positive charge(i.e., holes), and the other having a negative charge (i.e., electrons).

LED grow lights use LED chips to produce artificial light for growing plants in a modern and adequate manner.

When the proper amount of voltage is applied over an LED, it makes electrons and photons collide. It releases the energy in the form of photons (packets of energy). This whole process is called recombination.

How LED grow lights can help in cannabis plant growth?

There are specific tried and tested light emission experiments done in the past years.

On that basis, professionals are convinced that a certain amount of spectrum light is required, which can increase your marijuana yield up to 60%.

LED grows lights can fulfill the requirement better than conventional cheap grow lights.

In simple words, we can say that LED grows lights are the best alternative to sunlight.

In the below sections, we will discuss how LED grow lights fulfill the temperature and light spectrum demands.

So, have the patience for a more detailed view.

Why are LED grow lights better than other conventional grow lights?

Grow light efficiency can be checked based on photons emitted. It means that how many photons of photosynthetically active radiation are emitted per watts utilized. Most efficient LEDs today are reaching the levels of 2.5 micromoles per joule.

In simple words, LEDs can produce two to three times the light with the same amount of electricity as other conventional grow lights.

LED grow lights run cooler than the competition and are therefore energy efficient. It is the most influential factor of LED grow lights that bind buyers to invest in them.

Also, LED grow lights attempt to provide light spectrum and heat tailored to the needs of the cannabis plant being cultivated. Whereas low quality LED grow lights produce excessive amounts of heat, which are of no use for the plant, even it may harm the growth.

The ideal temperature for weed plants

Temperature plays a vital role in almost all cannabis plant growth stages.

Photosynthesis in plants occurs safely at 60°F(15°C) or 8°F(30°C). And during the night, cannabis plants are comfortable with a slightly cool temperature.

The temperature below or above the desired amount may halt your cannabis plant growth.

LED grow lights emit the exact amount of heat that is required by plants (as discussed).

Also, they don't produce a lot of heat to be placed close to your plant.

LED grow lights full spectrum- light intensity

Indoor plantation needs artificial light to grow. LED grow lights are the right option as it eventually helps the process to accelerate. It is essential to judge the right intensity before selecting the right grow light for your indoor cannabis farming experience. Don't forget; your main goal is a maximized indoor cannabis yield.

A couple of points to put under your consideration are :

Better known as Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density(PPFD), lights intensity is measured as micromoles and moles. There is a specific count of moles required for cannabis plants to grow.

More space = More light intensity

However, many LED grows light manufactures make promises that light covers more farming areas, but the harsh reality is all those commitments are fake when it comes to cannabis.

The main question that arises here is precisely how much light is required for plant growth?

A University of Mississippi study attempted to answer this question. And here's what they figured out

Given our results, it is concluded that C. sativa can utilize a fairly high level of PPFD and temperature for its gas and water exchange processes, and can perform much better if grown at ~ 1500 µmol m-2 s-1 PPFD and around 25 to 30 C temperature conditions.

1500 PPFD is robust and available only through selected LED grow lights. But if you want to maximize your indoor cannabis growth, you can increase your light strength by any amount.

Like other flowering plants, cannabis yield increases linearly when light intensity increases. In other words, we can say that your cannabis yield will excellently grow if you replace your 600 PPFD LED with 900 PPFD LED.

Now, let's drop some light on the purple light vs. white light spectrum.

Many cannabis growers get confused about the purple spectrum vs. white spectrum light. But if you want to extract the best from your cannabis yield, then I advise you to replace the old purple grow light with a White spectrum LED grow light.

Many studies referred that white spectrum lights maximize cannabis yield upto 13-16% with super quality plants. I suggest you Marshydro LED grow lights if you want to improve cannabis yield. MarsHydro LED grows lights are the best investment for cannabis growth, which provides white spectrum light and includes infrared.

Infrared light improves cannabis yield

Infrared light can improve your cannabis growth levels to an excellent extent. It is present in small amounts in sunlight.

But when we talk about indoor cannabis farming, then LED grow light completes the desired demand of infrared light for cannabis plants.

Researchers have found that infrared light can also damage plants. However, if we use infrared in a small amount, then it can help in :

A plant for optimum growth needs only blue and red light colors.

Some of the LEDs emit only blue and red light, but most of the LED grow lights for home use are white (i.e., emit full-spectrum light), which is best for cannabis yield. Also, check for the infrared diodes in LED grow lights if you want to purchase one.

All LED grow lights do not have infrared diodes. But these diodes can be beneficial for those who want to maximize their indoor cannabis yield. So, make sure to buy LED grow lights that have infrared diodes.

LED grow lights power consumption (Watts)

In LED grow lights, electricity consumption is very less as compared to any other conventional grow light.

LED grow light manufacturers convince you to buy grow lights based on watts.

Let me mark the point that watt is the measure of electricity used, and it does not have any relation with the amount of light emitted. I want to explain that it is impossible to identify how many watts you need for cannabis growth.

The important thing to notice while buying LED grow lights for cannabis growth is the amount of light and wavelength produced.

However, the ideal grows light spectrum depends on PAR spectrum light for photosynthesis and the wavelengths outside of the 400-700 nm range.

Final Words

Now, we are done with everything you need to know about LED grow lights. Suppose you have read this article till here, then congrats, buddy. You are now ready with a detailed guide on selecting the best LED to grow light as per your cannabis farming needs.

In the present scenario, LED Technology is getting more and more advanced day by day, making our work more straightforward.

From this discussion, it is evident that grow lights are the future of indoor farming.

If anything is still unclear, reread this blog and boost your cannabis growth to 5x level with LED grow lights. You are just one step behind.

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